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Manifest Your Brilliance

Peace & Blessings beloved! My name is Aisha Abdul Rahman, aka Aisha LaDon.

For 20 years, I spent my life trying to figure out who I was as a creative entrepreneur. I have been drawing, writing, and creating for as long as I can remember. I was so proud to share my work with family and friends, but was not always met with the positive mirroring a child hopes for; in time I stopped showing up. I stopped sharing my gifts and talents with the world, and began seeking identity and validation outside myself.

One year, my husband found me in tears while cleaning the bathroom floor but I coudnt explain why. I had the beautiful kids, house, and cars in the drive way. You know, the stuff society says, makes you successful. But I was empty inside.

I began asking myself what made me happy, what gave me joy. It had always been creative, self expression. I dove into art therapy, and relaunched my web design business; but as I did so, I found that I really enjoyed motivating, encouraging and helping others to see the brilliance inside themselves. Today, I consider myself to be a creative, spiritual alchemist. A wounded healer of sorts.

The number one desire that creatives have is to be seen, heard and understood.

with a passion and love of art and artist,

knowledge and experience of business, transpersonal psychology, library and information science

to empower artists…..

I host Manifest Your Brilliance. A blog and podcast that features of Contemporary Muslim Artists that are fully showing up and sharing their gifts and talents with the world. My goal and mission is to inspire other artist to build their story, their brand and their confidence so that they too will rise from the ashes and Manifest The Brilliance.

I founded Legacy Lab. A global community of Muslim Women Entreprenuers that have come together to transform the way see ourselves, the world around us, and the way we do business as soulful entreprenuers.

I am also the owner and Independent Curator at Legacy Designs Studio; a design agency that specializes inĀ  Contemporary Islamic Art; working with galleries, museums, libraires and Muslim artist around the globe.

I invite you to follow my journey on Instagram