Aisha Abdul Rahman

Curator, Creator, Collections Manager

The number one desire that creatives have is to be seen, heard, and understood. With a passion and love for art and artists, knowledge and experience of business administration, project management, library science, and transpersonal psychology, I empower artists to fully show up and share their gifts and talents with the world.

My Experience

Owner & CEO of Legacy Lab LLC.

Blogger & Podcast Host of Manifest Your Brilliance, where I feature contemporary, American Muslim artists, and share insights about new media art, art technology.

Owner of Legacy Designs Studio, where I provide curatorial and collection management services such as exhibition and art show planning, product photography, videography,  as well as digital asset management.

Founder of Legacy Lab, where I facilitate the process of developing signature marketing formulas with creative, spiritual entrepreneurs.

Designer of Lega8cy lifestyle brand, where I design, cyber influencer, afro-centric clothing, and accessories.

Black lives Matter Virtual Art Exhibit

Art Curation


Product Photography

Boho 70

Product Photography

American Umma

Collections Management, Graphic Design, Web Design, Brand Design, AR Social Media Filter Design

Salam Islamic Center

Art Show Curation, Planning & Organizing


Product Photography


Product Photography

Art of The Day Sacramento

Curatorial Project Managent

Crowned 4 Success

Graphic Design, Web Design

Love CEO

Graphic Design, Web Design

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