Dr. Aisha Abdul Rahman, Ph.D

Peace & Blessings beloved. I am Dr. Aisha Abdul Rahman. I am a Philanthroprenuer, and Genealogy Librarian based out of Sacramento, CA.

I have a huge passion for travel, photography, and videography

and sharing all that I learn during my journeys.


I started researching my family history in my late 20s and after my grandmother passed, I found myself inspired to continue digging into who my people were and capturing the experiences on camera along the way.

I inherited my grandmother’s camera and tons of photo albums from her travels. I even briefly worked as a portrait photographer but found a love for product and lifestyle photography while working as the project manager for Sacramento.Shop. 

When I am not researching my family history, traveling, and shooting content for the articles and portfolios I publish here; you can find me running my nonprofit over at Legacy Designs Studio Inc., or interviewing creatives on my podcast Manifest Your Brilliance.  


Fun Facts About Me

Sierra Leone/US Dual Citizenship   +   Certified Scuba Diver +   Harley Motorcycle Rider
Aisha LaDon Abdul Rahman

“Wells must be dug today to quench the thirst of tomorrow.” – Fulani Proverb


In honor and dedication to my grandmother Gloria LaDon,

my daughter Jzahne LaDon and my granddaughters, Ayah Marie LaDon and Zaynab Ahsia Leone



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