How did I get here ?

Grab your cup… I’ll try to make it quick.

I was a young married mom, with some perfectionism and co-dependant issues.

I rediscovered my love for creative expression, and opportunities for self-care, while homeschooling my three children through art journaling and photography, as well as studying my family history. 

I attended my first family reunion in Baltimore, Maryland back in 2010, where the torch of keeping the family tree going was passed down to me. Shortly thereafter my grandmother passed away, and I was gifted with all her travel photos and vintage camera. I had always wanted to travel, but never had the time or the money with my whole focus being on my kids. 

Legacy Designs Studio

I founded Legacy Designs Studio as a 501c3 Art Gallery in the Virtual World of Second Life, amidst the beginning of the 2020 COVID Pandemic and Black Lives Matter Protests.



Shops were closing and artists were unable to show or sell their work. They were ill-prepared without the skills of Web Design or knowledge of virtual worlds. I put out a call for artists to highlight the work of those calling for justice for George Floyd and other Black Lives and exhibited her first Virtual 3D Black Lives Matter Exhibit.



With my children now being adults, I also took my first international trip to Ghana that year. It was a life changing experience and so I got busy with the goal of designing a lifestyle that would allow me to focus on what the things I really loved. Genealogy, Heritage Travel, and Photography.



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Publications & Press


What I’m trying to say is

I take pretty pics, make videos, and can speak to your audience! 

Formal Education

San Jose State 


2022  – Masters in Library Science, concentration in Special Libraries.

Board for Certification of Genealogists

2022- Genealogy Board Certification

American Intercontinental University


2019-2021 Bachelors in Business Administration, concentration in Project Management



Sedona University

2015-2017 Doctorates in Transpersonal Counseling

2012-2014  Masters in Metaphysical Science

Content Creation

As a Genealogist and passionate Heritage Traveler, one of my favorite things to do is to take photos and create memorable videos of the arts, culture, and traditions I experience and learn about during my travels.



My mission is to share those stories when I return to the US with hopes to empower those who can not make the journey or inspire those who can to do so.



I want to empower black men, women and children through the Legacy of the work that I do. I want them to know that we have a history beyond slavery in the United States and that we come from a people of rich culture, and heritage.


I  self-published a book on Amazon, to see if I could. 
and maybe a little because people didn’t think I could 🙂