Discover Your Roots:
Traditional Genealogy Research Services

Are you curious about your African heritage and want to trace your family history? Do you have ancestors from Sierra Leone, Liberia, Washington DC, Virginia, New Orleans, or Maryland and want to learn more about their lives?

Look no further than my traditional genealogy research services. As an experienced genealogist, I specialize in researching family history for those of African descent and have a deep knowledge of the historical and cultural context of these regions.

I understand the challenges that come with researching African American genealogy, such as slavery and the lack of available records. But with my expertise, I can help you uncover new information and provide a clearer picture of your family’s history.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive genealogical research to uncover your family history and fill in gaps in your family tree
  • Expert analysis and interpretation of historical records, census data, and other genealogical resources
  • Personalized consultation and guidance throughout the research process
  • Access to exclusive databases and resources specific to African American genealogy research
  • Connections to local historians and experts in the regions of interest
  • Detailed reports and documentation of research findings

My goal is to help you connect with your roots and gain a deeper understanding of your family’s history. With my traditional genealogy research services, you can uncover the stories and legacies of your ancestors.

Ready to start your journey of discovery? Contact me today to learn more and schedule a consultation.