The Best Content Creator Camera Bag

You have a long, International flight coming up, and with that comes figuring out how to safely get all your camera gear to and from. First things first, please only take what you really need. Do you really need all five of those lenses? Do you really need both cameras and go pros? Is it possible to inexpensively rent your lighting when you get to your destination, or better yet use natural lighting?

Now that you know what you really, need. You need one piece of luggage to carry it all in. Well, I have the bag for you. I’m kind of a bag lady. I have a bag for every occasion; but when it comes to traveling with my photography gear and keeping it safe. I go for my Brevite Jumper backpack. I purchased it right before my trip to Ghana in 2021. It is easy to clean, waterproof, sustainable, all that; and it holds everything I need for a month-long, international trip. They have really cute colors and styles.