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/ African Ancestry Researcher & Heritage Travel Advisor 

I am Aisha Abdul Rahman, Black Arts & Culture Curator

Certified Genealogist & Library Tech


Empowering Americans of African descent to reconnect to our roots through art, culture, travel, and tech

Founder of Legacy Designs Studio, Virtual Art Gallery, Owner of Legacy Arts & Culture Travel. Host of  Manifest Your Brilliance podcast, Author of Dive Deep Art Journal

Work Experience


Launch of Legacy Arts & Culture Travel

Design and development of group and solo trips to Congo, Ghana, Washington DC., Maryland and Virginia.


Launch of Legacy Designs Studio. (501c3, Virtual Art Gallery)

Production and Curation of 2nd Annual Black Lives Matter Art Exhibit in the Virtual World of Second Life. official 501c3 status granted.


Onboarding Specialist & Collection Management with @Atrium 

Facilitated onBoarding of Sacramento Artists to Sacramento.Shop project, hiring photographers, Collection & Website Mng., training, and support of Artist.


Content Production 

Personal project during a personally organized trip to Accra, Elmina, and Cape Coast Ghana. Developed content for @asfurah and @adornedintaji


Library Technician @USC

Wedding & Cataloging of 17th and 18th Century Periodicals and Publications to prepare for migration at Grand location

My skills 

Adobe Photoshop0%

Adobe Lightroom0%




BS Business Admin, Project Management

Completed my BS at American Intercontinental University Online with a specialization in Project management with a 3.8 and on the President’s List, 3 times.


Certificate in Library Science & Information Technology

Completed a certificate in Library Science, with intentions of returning for an MLIS to specialize in Genealogical Librarianship.


PhD of Philosophy 

Completed a Doctorates of Philosophy, while pursuing research on Transpersonal Counseling


MS In Metaphysical Science

Completed a Masters in Metaphysical Science , while pursuing research on spiritual healing


BS In Metaphysical Science

Completed a Bachelors in Metaphysical Science , while pursuing research on spiritual healing


Dive Deep is part self-help, part art journal. While completing my Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, I discovered that I had been battling with years of existential depression.


I went on a journey of self-love and rekindled my long-lost love for art. I had been so focused on striving to be a loving mom and wife, that I forgot to love myself. 


I decided to write a book that could possibly inspire others to dive deep into their self-awareness while also journaling it creatively. 


Art and art journaling has now become a part of my healing practice, and I strive to support the arts and healing through art.

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