Go from curious to confident
about who you are and where you came from 


It is very difficult to know where you are going if you don’t know where you came from.


Stop overpaying Genealogy Researchers who have no expertise in working with African American Ancestry. 


Discovering Your African American Ancestors

    • Washington DC, Virginia, and Mayland Research
    • Louisianna Research
    • Oklahoma Chocktaw & Chickasaw Research
    • Sierra Leone Research & Citizenship Reclamation

Busting Through Those Brick Walls

    • Using my Library and Information Science background, I have knowledge, experience, and access to various databases and archives that may help you get through these brick walls you are experiencing

Analyzing Your DNA Results

  • ANALYZING YOUR DNA RESULTS (Kinship Determination)
    • You have your results, but who are all these matches, and how are you related to them? What does it mean to have 35% (etc) of Nigerian Ancestry? As a certified DNA Genealogist, I can help answer and clarify your questions about your DNA results, your matches, and the centimorgans and segments that show next to their names.

Digital Preservation & Management


  • Evaluations: Providing guidance and support on implementing strategies, policies, and plans for the long-term preservation of digital materials.
  • Assessments of existing digital collections and identifying preservation risks and priorities, as well as development and documentation of workflows and processes to ensure the ongoing growth of your projects.
  • Digitization: of family records such as photographs, maps, obituaries, vital records, letters, and diaries.
  • Digital Asset Management: organize and manage digital materials to ensure that your digital records are easy to locate and retrieve when needed, including the development of finding aids and metadata.

After spending 20 years researching my own family history and helping many others, I decided to test my knowledge and experience by becoming a professional Genealogist.

While there are no requirements for becoming a Genealogist, my certifications are a way to show that my research, services, and knowledge has been and is consistently evaluated, and assessed by a board of my peers on an ongoing basis to ensure quality and ethics are always adhered to.

When you work with me in any capacity, you can be, rest assured that there is value and quality in all that I have to offer.

The Process of Working Together

Discovery Call

To get started working together. I would like to understand your goals and ideal outcomes. Schedule a quick 30-minute call to discuss your goals, objections, questions, and genealogy project or obstacles.

Project Planning

I take 2-3 days to review the information that you currently have along with your goals to determine if I am able to help you reach your goals, propose a solution and scope of work and schedule to complete the work.

Proposal Acceptance

Before we get started, you must first agree to the scope of the contract terms and make your deposit. You have 10 days to review the proposal, accept the proposal, sign the contract and place your retainer deposit

Project Completion

Projects can take 3-4 weeks or more to complete. Finally, we get started working on your project and see it through according to the contract agreement and term, based on the type of project and scheduled timeline.