Aisha L. Abdul Rahman, MLIS, Ph.D.
Preserving Black Heritage for Future Generations

Archivist & Heritage Collections Manager:

California-based Information Professional, Digital Entrepreneur, and Consultant on a mission to live and leave a legacy of inspiration and knowledge that empowers and brings about transpersonal healing to the hearts and minds of Africa and its Diaspora.

Archivists and collection managers are the architects of history’s safekeeping. They are the custodians entrusted with the care, management, and preservation of records and archives.

With a keen eye for organization and a deep commitment to posterity, archivists and records managers ensure records are meticulously organized, readily accessible, and meticulously preserved.

With an exceptional blend of preservation expertise and cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) innovations, Aisha offers unparalleled insights to navigate the future of information preservation.

Bridging Past and Future:

Her extensive experience encompasses a wide spectrum, from curatorial strategies to implementing immersive VR solutions in Second Life, and Mozilla Hubs.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Aisha’s consultancy is rooted in a deep commitment to heritage preservation. Through her expertise, she offers a range of comprehensive services that empower institutions and organizations to safeguard their historical treasures and adapt to the evolving digital landscape. Here are examples of what she offers:

1. VR Consulting: Aisha’s involvement with prestigious projects like the SJSU’s ischool Director, VR initiatives positions her as a VR pioneer. She extends her expertise to empower institutions in harnessing the potential of VR for immersive heritage experiences. From Second Life to Spatial and Mozilla Hubs, Aisha guides you through the intricate world of virtual reality.

2. Digitization Strategies: The art of preserving tangible artifacts in the digital realm is an expertise Aisha excels at. Her work as the Archivist at Sojourner Truth Museum underscores her mastery in cataloging, digitizing, and strategic preservation planning. Unlock the potential of digitization and gain insights into transforming physical collections into accessible digital archives.

3. Preservation Roadmaps: For libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies, Aisha offers a visionary approach to future-proofing information. Whether it’s digitization, VR experiences, or strategic preservation, Aisha crafts customized roadmaps tailored to your institution’s unique heritage.

Benefits of  Collaboration:

  • Ensure that your collections are organized and easily accessible.
  • Protect your items from damage or loss due to improper storage or handling.
  • Ensure that your collections are preserved for future generations.
  • Expert advice on the best practices for collections management and preservation.

Tailored Services:

  • Digital Preservation: Convert your physical items to digital format for long-term preservation.
  • Digitization: Digitize your collections for ease of access and sharing.
  • Metadata and Finding Aids: Creation of metadata and finding aids to help users locate and access records.
  • Records Management: Develop and implement policies and procedures to manage your collections.

Partnering with Aisha means embarking on a journey that bridges heritage with innovation. Gain insights into the future of digitization, explore the potential of immersive VR experiences, and craft a preservation strategy that ensures the legacy of your institution endures.

Whether you are an individual, a business, or a non-profit organization, Aisha is here to provide you with comprehensive digital archival and records management services that meet your specific needs. That could be photos, videos, documents, or born-digital materials including instructional materials.

Ready to Collaborate:

To explore the realms of innovative heritage preservation and VR integration, connect with Aisha by filling out the form on the contact page or sending an email to

Provide details about your institution’s goals, challenges, and aspirations. Aisha will promptly respond to begin the collaborative process of transforming your institution’s preservation and digitization landscape.